Elegance HCG Spray

simply slimmer!

Elegance HCG Spray – simply slimmer!

The improved weight loss cure in combination with a completely renewed formula for even better weight loss results! No drug, no hormones and no injections! Elegance HCG Spray decreases hunger, increases the burning of fat and drains access fats faster.

The HCG Diet: simple and with wonderful results!

The HCG Diet was discovered over 50 years ago, by the British Dr. Simeons. During the course of time, the diet has become known around the world and helped a lot of people to slim down fast, without the yo-yo effect.

Why Elegance HCG Spray?

  • No hormones
  • No injections
  • Easy to administer by yourself
  • Including tastful diet
  • Responsible and permanent weight loss
  • No hunger
  • No jojo-effect
  • No side effects
  • No recipe needed
  • Free assistance via email
Elegance HCG Spray

List Price € 66,50

Elegance HCG Spray are manufactured fully compliant with strict GMP and HACCP standards. It means that procedures are followed that guarantee quality, food safety and hygiene.

Elegance HCG Spray is registered in Brussels under the following NUT-number: NUT/AS1856/1 and is monitored in the Netherlands by the Dutch Food Safety Authority (nieuwe Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit, nVWA). HCG Spray is allowed in Germany and Austria.

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